Three vital details to obtain your second Work and Holiday Visa

Applying for an international visa is not the easiest task to accomplish. Despite the array of government-issued information, there are always unanswered questions. Even renewing a current visa has it’s drama.

After spending countless hours deciphering government jargon, I’ve  narrowed down to three fundamental factors needed to apply for a second Work and Holiday Visa (462).

  1. Above Tropic of Capricorn

tropic of capYour work needs to be completed above the Tropic of Capricorn. Be careful perusing the East Coast for work because that sly line nestles itself between Rockhampton and Gladstone.

2. Three month minimum


The least amount of time you can get away with is being employed with a company for three months, working full shifts five days a week. On the other hand, you can work 88 individual days at your own pace with how many ever employers.

3. Hospitality or farm work

Yep, that’s right. Not only can you apply for a second WHV, you have options: farm work or hospitality. From shearing sheep to serving meals, the choice is yours.

This is the most basic set of requirements needed to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa (462). For a more detailed explanation, explore the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Good luck!


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