Find an Aussie working hostel above the Tropic of Capricorn

One of the ways to qualify for a second working holiday visa is by completing three months of agricultural work in rural Australia. While there are various ways to get your feet planted on a farm, staying in a working hostel does the grunt work for you.

All you have to do is rock up, put your name on a list and wait for work to be available. You don’t have to contact the farmers or have your own transportation, as it’s all included in the (heavier) price of the hostel.

I’ve listed some of the hostels I got in contact with – mostly Northern Queensland – but I’m sure there are tons more out there.

Take a browse, hopefully it helps.


Atherton Travellers Lodge, Atherton
07 4091 3552

Ayr Backpackers, Ayr
07 4783 5837

Delta Backpackers, Ayr
07 4783 3991

Lazy Lizard Lodge, Ayr
07 4783 3232

Barnacles Backpackers, Bowen
07 4786 4400

Bowen Backpackers, Bowen
07 4786 3433

Cardwell Central Backpackers, Cardwell
07 4066 8404

Codge Lodge, Innisfail
07 4061 8055

Backpackers Shack, Innisfail
07 4061 7760

Walkabout Backpackers, Innisfail
07 4061 2311

Innisfail Budget Backpackers Workers Hostel, Innisfail
07 4061 7833

Hotel Tully Working Hostel, Tully
07 4068 1044

Banana Barracks, Tully
07 4068 0455

Tolga Backpackers, Tolga
07 4095 4130

Tolga Country Lodge, Tolga
07 4095 4782

Northern Territory

Frogshollow Backpackers, Darwin
08 8941 2600

Chilis Backpackers, Darwin
1800 351 313

Cocos House, Katherine
08 8971 2889

Do you have any experience staying at a working hostel in Australia?


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